Commercial Dishwashers and Glasswasher Start Up Procedure

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As we gradually move out of lockdown, businesses within the hospitality and leisure industry are preparing to reopen their doors to the public. After such a long period of downtime, dishwashers and glasswashers will need to be started in the correct manner to reduce the risk of breakdown and ensure they provide optimum performance. Detailed below is a step-by-step guide to recommission your glasswasher after sustained periods of disuse. 

Commercial Dishwasher and Glasswasher Start-up Procedure

  • Ensure there is detergent and rinse-aid in the containers. For best results we recommend using our own chemicals, which have been specially formulated for use with Nelson machines.

  • Reconnect the feed pipes and ensure they are submerged in the chemicals.

  • Wash all filters and refit to the machine.

  • Check the wash and rinse arms - both top and bottom - are clean and refit to the machine. 

  • Ensure the wash and rinse arms are able to rotate freely

  • Switch power to the machine on at the isolator or plug socket.

  • Turn on the water supply if required.  

  • Turn the machine on using the On/Off button. 

  • Allow 30-40 minutes for machine to get to correct temperature or until the machine displays END.

  • Run the machine through at least 5 wash cycles in order to clean the cabinet and wash system. This can done using standard detergent or liquid renovating detergent - we recommend using Refresh Liquid. Refresh will remove blemishes, etching and clouding from your glassware, helping to restore glasses to their original condition.

  • If required, top up the salt container with granular salt. 

  • Carry out water softener regeneration cycle - internal or external, depending on machine model. Please see below for instructions. 

  • Drain machine and refill for normal operation. 

Glassware Renovation

Do you need to renovate your glassware? Try this simple test to find out.

Glassware Renovation Liquid

Renovation Cycle

  • Remove the normal detergent bottle from the dispensing tube and replace with Refresh Renovating Liquid
  • Use till the bottle is finished and all crockery, glasses and cutlery are renovated.
  • Remove bottle and replace with usual detergent again.

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