Glasscare Guide: The Importance of Renovating Your Glassware

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No matter how high spec your glasswasher and no matter how good your glasswasher detergent and rinse aid, they won’t prevent residues accumulating on your glasses. In time, these will have a detrimental effect on the drinks you serve – beer may well be flat, lacing will probably be non-existent and glassware, generally, will look tired and unappealing.

What causes these issues?

The residues in question are formed from various proteins, yeast residues, salts and tannins that gradually build up on the glasses and which don’t respond to normal wash cycles. Surprisingly, even brand-new glasses aren’t exempt as they’re subjected to hard-to-remove mould release agents.

What's the solution?

The simple solution is to use a renovating formulation on a regular basis. Incorporating this into a maintenance schedule approximately once a month will ensure glassware stay looking its absolute best for the longest time – and importantly ensures that your beer has a good head, that your glasses sparkle and, crucially, that your customers are happy.

Liquid vs Powder Renovation 

Although both powder and liquid renovation products are available, Nelson’s research concluded that the more modern liquid products were:

  • more effective

  • easier to use

  • better all-round value.

Therefore, Nelson’s portfolio includes the company’s own brand renovate liquid – Refresh. It’s exceptionally simple to use and, depending on volumes of drinks served, need only be used around once a month to achieve excellent results.

Do you need to renovate your glassware? 

Glasswasher Guide - Do you need to renovate your glassware?

If you want more information on how to get the best results from your glasswasher, we recommend reading our blog post on Glasscare FAQs

Glasscare Guide

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