Nelson Glasswasher Keeps Farr Vintners' Glasses Sparkling

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As Britain’s largest wholesaler of fine wines, Farr Vintners boasts an enviable customer base, comprising prestigious restaurants and hotels, along with a devoted private clientele. Regular tastings are held at Farr's modern offices overlooking The Thames at Battersea, where the integrity of their glassware plays a pivotal role in showcasing wines, some priced as high as £4,500 a bottle.

The Importance of a Wine Glass Washer for Farr Vintners

The premier tasting event of the year, known as The Southwold, gathers the UK’s top wine trade specialists and journalists to sample and critique newly bottled Bordeaux wines. Also, an annual gathering is dedicated to tasting 10-year-old Bordeaux. For such high-profile events, the choice of glassware is paramount. Farr Vintners favours Zalto glasses, hand-blown in Austria and renowned for their exceptional elegance and delicacy.

"With wines of this calibre, we rely on our commercial glass washer to keep our glasses pristinely clean and in immaculate condition," explains Patrick Evans-Bevan of Farr Vintners.

Nelson Advantage AD50: A Premier Commercial Glass Washer

Farr Vintners recently installed an Advantage AD50 glasswasher, a machine highly regarded for its performance and reliability. It's a preferred choice when considering how to wash wine glasses, especially delicate ones like Zalto.

"We were attracted by the machine's soft start function, ensuring safety for our most delicate glasses. It's also very quiet when in operation, a key factor when clients are visiting," shares Patrick.

Patrick from Farr Vintners holding a wine glass that has just been washed in the Advantage AD50 glasswasher

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Farr Vintners is conscious about energy consumption, and the Advantage's eco-friendly features make it the perfect glass washer. Using less water, energy, and detergent without compromising on quality or performance, it meets Farr Vintners' sustainability goals.

The Perfect Solution for Washing Wine Glasses

For a company like Farr Vintners, where the subtlest flavours must be appreciated, a reliable wine glass washing machine is crucial. The Nelson Advantage not only maintains the integrity of exquisite glassware but also aligns with sustainability initiatives, setting a new standard in wine glass cleaning. This partnership between Farr Vintners and Nelson illustrates the value of selecting the right wine glass washer, ensuring that every sip from a pristinely cleaned glass is a true reflection of the wine's character.

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