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Advantage AD60 Pass-through Commercial Dishwasher

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Advantage passthrough dishwashers are strong and robust, designed for the heaviest duty environments the industry has to offer. A 30% larger load capacity than the AD55 passthrough dishwasher enables the AD60 passthrough dishwasher to wash twenty four 26cm plates, sixteen 32cm plates, or 1/1 gastronorm containers. Ideal for larger establishments such as hotels, schools and restaurants

Key Features

  • AD60 Passthrough Commercial Dishwasher Loading Height: 420mm
  • AD60 Passthrough Commercial Dishwasher Basket Size: 500mm x 500mm or 500mm x 600mm
  • Variable wash cycle (90/120/180 seconds).
  • Fully insulated double-skinned panels, door and rinse boiler for energy saving.
  • Factory-fitted internal waste evacuation pump which self-drains (optional).
  • Internal water softener with automatic regeneration (optional).
  • Low salt warning sign.
  • Economical shallow wash reservoir, easy-to-clean moulded, sloping wash tank.
  • Factory-fitted internal rinse pump with Thermostop system to guarantee consistent rinse pressure and temperature.
  • Wash and rinse temperature digital displays.
  • Enhanced filtration system with three layers of protection.
  • Easily removable top and bottom wash and rinse arms ensure total coverage of wash area
  • Soft start of the wash pump for more delicate items.
  • Automatic self-cleaning cycle and auto shut-off at the end of drain down.
  • Fully automatic detergent and rinse-aid peristaltic dosing injectors.
  • Self-diagnostic system with error messages for easy diagnosis.
  • Fully CE approved and WRC approved with an integral break tank “Type A” air gap.
  • Electrical requirements: 25amp single phase- can be 3 phase – or can be modified to 13amp.
  • AD60 Dishwasher dimensions: 720mm (W) x 765mm (D) x 1510mm (H)