Crystal Clear: The Benefits of Commercial Glasswashers for Your Business

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Welcome to our blog where today we'll be delving into the world of commercial glass washers, taking a close look at why they're a must-have for any restaurant, bar or pub. We'll cover everything from their advantages in terms of hygiene to how they can help you cut costs and improve your establishment's efficiency.

The Hygiene Hero: How Commercial Glasswashers Improve Cleanliness

First up, let's talk hygiene. A commercial glasswasher is designed to eliminate more bacteria than traditional hand washing methods, making it an important player in your kitchen's cleanliness regime. These glass cleaning machines offer a superior method of cleaning, bringing together elements such as temperature, water quality, and appropriate use of cleaning supplies and rinse aids for optimal glassware cleanliness.

Eco-friendly and Cost-Effective: The Economic Advantages of Glasswashing Machines

Not only do glass washers offer a higher level of cleanliness, but they also use less water, fewer chemicals, and less energy than traditional methods. Furthermore, using these machines means fewer broken glasses and reduced labour costs which, depending on the make and model of your glass washer, can lead to potential savings of up to 25%. The best commercial glasswashers can use up to 30% less energy than conventional machines, reducing the environmental impact and saving costs on energy bills.

Four Pillars of Perfect Glass Cleaning

Let's turn to Dr Herbert Sinner's theory on the four elements crucial to successful glass cleaning:

The Heat is On: Temperature in Glass Cleaning

Maintaining a precise temperature balance is key. An optimal glass cleaning temperature of around 55°C for washing and 75°C for rinsing delivers excellent results, but be careful - higher temperatures can cause damage to the glassware and shorten the lifespan of decorated glasses.

Timing is Everything: The Role of Time in Glass Cleaning

In the fast-paced world of hospitality, time is money. A commercial glasswasher can clean a rack of 25 glasses in about two minutes, saving valuable time during those busy service periods.

Clean and Gleam: Choosing the Right Detergent and Rinse Aid

Using the correct detergent and rinse aid is crucial to achieving hygienically clean and shiny glasses. Specialised glass detergents contain active ingredients that protect the glass surface while enhancing the cleaning effect.

Read our article on The Importance of Detergent & Rinse Aid for more information on how chemicals can impact the performance of your commercial glasswasher. 

Pressure Points: The Importance of Mechanics in Glass Cleaning

Mechanics and washing pressure also play a significant role in the cleaning results. The correct water pressure is essential to remove stubborn residues from the glass surface.

Commercial Glasswashers: The Perfect Fit for Restaurants, Bars, and Pubs

There's no doubt that commercial glasswashers are a fantastic asset for businesses in the hospitality industry. Let's explore some of their key benefits:

Hygiene is Priority: Why Glasswashers Win

By removing more bacteria and germs than traditional hand washing, commercial glasswashers are an excellent tool in the fight against contamination, offering a higher level of hygiene and cleanliness.

Efficient and Economical: The Cost Benefits of Glasswashers

These machines can clean a large volume of glasses quickly, improving efficiency, and also save on water, energy, and chemicals, leading to significant cost savings in the long run.

Handle with Care: Reduced Breakage with Glasswashers

Commercial glasswashers are gentler on glassware than hand washing, leading to fewer breakages and saving on replacement costs.

Shiny and Spotless: Superior Cleaning Results

With the right mix of water quality, temperature, chemicals, and mechanics, glasswashers consistently deliver superior cleaning results, leaving glasses spotless, shining, and ready for use.

Water Quality and Treatment: An Underrated Aspect of Glass Cleaning

In the busy world of hospitality, maintaining high water quality is crucial to ensuring your glassware always looks its best.

The Water Quality Quandary

The quality of the water used in a commercial glass washer greatly affects the results. Poor water quality can leave unwanted residues, spots, and streaks on your glassware.

The Solution: Water Treatment

Given the potential issues poor water quality can cause, it's often necessary to treat the water used in a glass washer. Methods such as water softening, demineralisation, and reverse osmosis can greatly improve the wash outcome, resulting in truly spotless and shiny glasses.

If you want to understand more about the different types of water treatment available and their advantages and disadvantages,  read our blog post about Water Treatment for Commercial Glasswashers.

The Bottom Line

Regular maintenance and using the right glass cleaning chemical can significantly enhance the performance of your glasswasher. By maintaining high hygiene standards and ensuring your glasses are always clean and ready for use, you can elevate the experience for your customers and boost the reputation of your business.

We've created a Complete Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining Commercial Glasswashers that details the correct procedures to ensure your glass washer is in the best condition to deliver fantastic results. 


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