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For over 40 years, Nelson Dish & Glasswashing Machines has been at the forefront of the UK warewashing industry. Our reputation speaks for itself with tens of thousands of commercial dishwashers, glasswashers and ice makers installed throughout the catering, hospitality & leisure industry.


Many of our customers associate the Nelson brand solely with dishwashers and glasswashers. However, our sister company, Nelson Catering Equipment, which specialises in designing and installing all types of commercial kitchens, has existed for just as long. If you’re looking to improve or upgrade your kitchen, we’d love to help.



Nelson Dish & Glasswashing Machines

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“We use Nelson dishwashers and glasswashers across all the Harcourt Inns sites because they’re not only reliable, efficient and sensibly priced, but also because their service arm is exceptionally quick to respond – and the engineers are never without the necessary parts. 
I actually bought my first Nelson machine back in 2003 for my restaurant Racine and was so impressed I haven’t considered any other brand since. 

Henry Harris, Harcourt Inns

“Having worked with Nelson’s kitchen design arm in the past, I knew the company was very professional and highly experienced. Therefore, we recently asked them to design and install a warewasher system based around one of the new AD55 passthrough dishwasher. Because this machine has integrated steam heat recovery it’s especially economical to run and means the wash area is steam free despite not having a dedicated dishwasher extractor.”

Julio Marques, General Manager, London Bridge Hotel

“We’ve been using Nelson’s commercial dishwashers across our three schools for some years and have always found them to be reliable and efficient. We are also impressed by the advances made in reducing the machines’ environmental impact. The low usage of energy and water is commendable and dovetails perfectly with our schools’ philosophy. The firm’s post-sales service is excellent.”

Alex Rentoul, Managing Govenor, House School Groups

“I’ve been using Nelson for many years now and would happily recommend them to anybody looking for reliable, energy efficient commercial dishwashers and glasswashers backed with incredible customer service.”

Georgio Abis, Zafferano

“ We’ve been using Nelson’s commercial dishwasher and glasswashers across our pub portfolio for a number of years with good reason. Our reputation for excellence has to be upheld by everything we outsource and the consistency and reliability of the Nelson warewashers, together with faultless back-up we get, makes them the perfect partner.”

Citi Pubs Group

“The level of care and attention Nelson devoted to making sure I had the right machines for my restaurant was outstanding and the service support is beyond good. Quite simply, Nelson is a company that goes the extra mile.” 

Stephen Conboy, Villa di Geggiano

“Not only did Nelson come in on quality and price – they came out to see us, helped us make the right decision, installed the machines quickly and professionally, gave our staff training in everyday maintenance and, as well as all that, their service is beyond exceptional.”

Edwin Harrison, Artisan Coffee

“As a wine lover and a sommelier-restaurateur, the cleanliness of my glassware is critical. Nelson’s glasswashers give me the results I demand and the reliability and faultless service support I can depend on.”

Xavier Rousset, Master Sommelier

“After a coffee machine, the second most important item on my equipment list was a commercial dishwasher. We needed to have a really reliable means of washing cups and dishes and, when I met the Nelson guys, they seemed to fully grasp what we needed and found me the perfect dishwasher, complete with a built in water softener, within my budget.”

Neil Vanstone, Coffee Traveller