Nelson's Guide to Ice Makers: Frequently Asked Questions

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How long should ice stay solid in a drink? 

Obviously this will depend on a number of factors not least of which is the weather. However, there is a huge difference between the meltage rates of ice from different ice machines. Some highly specified ice machines make very pure, hard ice which lasts for an exceptionally long time while there are other ice makers which, essentially, produce very fast melting, air-filled cubes. Undoubtedly, if drinks are being served with a generous helping of ice, it would be wholly undesirable for it to melt quickly. The ice should definitely keep pace with the slowest drinker.

My ice maker is supposed to make 20KG of ice every 24 hours yet I don't seem to have anything like this much - especially when the weather is good? 

The figures given by manufacturers are sometimes misleading. It is quite possible that the correct amount of ice is being made but that it is melting in the ice maker bin. By choosing an ice maker brand recognised for its quality you will be assured of features such as a well-insulated bin with a tight fitting door that keeps ice in a perfect cool and clean environment for the longest time. Another possible cause is that there is a frozen line somewhere restricting the amount of available water.

My ice cubes have a slight odour. What could have caused this? 

Failure to change the ice maker filter may result in bad smelling ice cubes. It’s important that you ensure that the filter is changed every 6 months to avoid the bad smell.

My commercial ice machine has started to become quite noisy. What should I do? 

If you hear unexplained noises from the ice maker, you need to alert your supplier’s service team. Noises may result from the temperature control units, compressors, and water falling on the defroster heater. This is not one to tackle yourself. 

If you purchased your ice maker from us, please contact us on 020 8993 6199 and we will be able to assist you. 

I want to make sure I choose a 'green ice maker. What should I be looking for? 

More and ice maker manufacturers are using hydrocarbon refrigerant now. This virtually eliminates ozone depletion and reduces global warming to virtually zero. A worthwhile benefit to the user is that it reduces energy consumption by approximately 20%.

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