Nelson adds potwasher to the Advantage commercial dishwasher range

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Nelson has launched a new undercounter utensil and pot washer for 2021 to augment its Advantage commercial dishwasher and glasswasher range.

It’s aimed at catering kitchens, bakeries and other food operators needing a machine to clean and sanitise all types of pots, pans, gastro trays, baking trays and utensils.

Designed for usability, energy and water efficiency and performance, the new Advantage Potwash has the capacity to process up to 60 baskets per hour. With seven available programmes, it can address light soiling to the most resistant residues. When necessary, the rinse cycle can be extended and, for very badly soiled items, the wash tank water can be completely replaced.

The double skinned, AISI 304 stainless steel construction is said to be durable, with insulation throughout to prevent heat from escaping. Additional thermo-acoustic insulation to the door and wash chamber should ensure quiet operation, and a soft start option helps to stabilise an unbalanced load thus also helping to reduce noise emissions.

Two stainless steel, combined wash and rinse arms with strategically angled directional jets are designed to deliver total wash tank coverage with minimal water intake. 2.7 litres are drawn into the 11-litre tank at the start of each new cycle as the rinse water from the previous wash is re-utilised.

The pressure-pumped, thermostop controlled rinse water can be heated up to a maximum of 85°C to provide thorough disinfection.

The Advantage Potwash is fitted with an integral stainless steel wash filter with a removeable scrap basket and a stainless steel micro filter with an additional micro filter in the sump for wash pump protection.

The low volume of water should mean that fewer chemicals are required and the peristaltic pump dosing system for detergent and rinse-aid releases the optimum amount per wash cycle.

The machine’s electronic controls are designed to be user friendly and, in the event that a problem should occur, the machine has a self-diagnostic fault system. A self-clean programme should avoid the need for manual cleaning and this will commence automatically at the end of service.

When the machine hasn’t been used for a while it will revert to standby mode. Accessories include 500 x 500mm baskets and 600 x 400mm trays as well as multiple baskets and trays for holding gastronorm pans, mixer bowls, trays, dishes, utensils and cutlery.

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