Maintaining Dormant Commercial Dishwashers & Glasswashers

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We are well aware of the effect the Pandemic is having on our industry. If you are in a position and it is safe to do so, there are some key measures you should be taking to protect your equipment. These measures will prolong the on-going life of the machine and ensure it is safe to use again in the future.

Commercial Dishwasher and Glasswasher Shut Down Procedure

  • If the commercial dishwasher or glasswasher is to be out of use for an extended period of time, the detergent and rinse-aid dispenser devices must be emptied completely in order to prevent crystallisation and damage to the pumps. This can be done by removing the intake hoses from the detergent and rinse-aid containers and placing them in a container of clean water. When handling chemicals please follow safety guidelines provided by your chemical supplier and use the correct Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).
  • Perform at least 20 wash cycles to remove any detergent or rinse aid residue from the machine.  
  • Drain the the commercial dishwasher or glasswasher.
  • Remove and clean filters - remove the filters, taking care that no large residue falls into the sump underneath. Clean the filters to remove the residue, rinse with water, dry and refit.
  • Remove and clean the wash and rinse arms - Clean the holes and nozzles under a jet of clean running water and leave to dry. Once thoroughly dry refit wash and rinse arms to the machine. 
  • If the commercial dishwasher or glasswasher has an internal water softener, ensure that no salt residue is left in the wash tank area.
  • Ensure the wash tank of the machine is completely clean  and dry internally. 
  • Turn off the water and electrical supplies to the dish or glasswashing machine.
  • Leave doors ajar to allow adequate ventilation within the product. HOWEVER, if
    there is the possibility of ingress from dust, insects, pests, etc. then you may need to shut it. It’s a judgement call. When you want to use the appliance again, it will need a very thorough cleaning and checking.  
  • When the dish or glasswashing machine is completely dry close the door, clean and degrease the outside of the machine.
  • Leave a note by the machine advising you to turn on the water and electrical supply when it comes to rebooting the machine, along with reconnecting the detergent and rinse-aid.
Cleaning and Sterilising Work Surfaces

You might be using this downtime period as an opportunity to cleanse and sterilise your work areas to ensure you are fully prepared for when the time comes to reopen. Our range of Supernova certified surface and hand sanitising products can assist you with the cleaning process, leaving your equipment free of germs. Supernova has been tested to prove effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi - including Ebola, MRSA, Swine Flu and Norovirus.

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