Removing Tea & Coffee Stains: A Guide for Cafés and Coffee Shops Dishwasher Users

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The recent Statista Global Customer Survey unveiled an interesting trend - coffee now ties with tea as the UK's favourite beverage, with a whopping 70% of the population enjoying at least two cups daily. This trend significantly benefits the bustling café and coffee shop scene across the UK. However, a common and unwelcome by-product is the stubborn stains these beverages leave on our cups, mugs, and crockery.

In this article, we delve into the origins of these troublesome tannin stains, and more importantly, share effective methods to eradicate them using our Supachlor Detannin Detergent, which has been specially formulated for this purpose. .

What's Behind those Tea and Coffee Stains? 

The culprit behind those stubborn brown marks that just won't wash off? Tannins. Found naturally in numerous plants, tannins are powerful antioxidants with remarkable binding properties.

Coffee mug stained with tannin

While tannins contribute to the health benefits of many foods and have been used as dyes for centuries, they unfortunately pose a real challenge for your café dishwasher.

The tannins found in your favourite daily drinks - especially tea and coffee - leave unsightly stains on your crockery, creating a problematic scenario for your coffee shop dishwasher and crockery presentation.

Removing Tea and Coffee Stains: Suplachlor to the Rescue

When faced with these persistent marks, many turn to increasing the wash temperature. However, this approach merely sets the stains more firmly. And while bleach can make the stains appear clear, it does not remove them entirely.

The secret to stain-free crockery lies in a high-quality detergent. The right detergent can make all the difference for your coffee shop commercial dishwasher. A simple switch to a specialist crockery detergent like Supachlor can solve this stain dilemma.

Supachlor, a chlorinated detergent, has been formulated precisely for this problem. It effectively removes tannin stains from crockery without leaving any residue or impacting flavour. The detergent's two active components work in harmony - one component breaks the bond between the stain and crockery, while the other removes it entirely. Swap your regular detergent for Supachlor, and you'll see your cups, mugs, and glasses returning to their spotless best in no time.

Clean coffee cups and crockery


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We hope this article has clarified how to effectively remove tea and coffee stains from your crockery. But what about those cloudy, white stains on your glassware, familiar to any commercial glasswasher user?

We've published an article titled, 'Glass Renovation: The Key to the Perfect Pint'. It uncovers the cause of these stains and advises on how to best remove them to ensure your glassware remains in pristine condition.

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