Integral Break Tank

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What is a break tank?

On commercial dishwashers and glasswashers, a break tank – also known as type “A” air gap – is used to prevent dirty wastewater back feeding from the machine and contaminating the main water supply. In the UK, the Water Regulations Approval Scheme (WRAS) require commercial dishwashers to be fitted with a break tank to ensure safety standards.    

Do I need a break tank?

To comply with UK regulations, all our commercial dishwashers are fitted with a break tank as standard. A break tank is not a requirement in a glasswasher, however they can be used to guarantee consistent water pressure in sites where water pressure is not suitable.

If you would like some advice on whether you require a break tank, please contact us today on 02089936199 or email

Superior Quality and Results

Featuring a triple-tiered filtration system, these undercounter dishwashers effectively remove even the tiniest debris particles from rinse water. The filtered water is then recycled, conserving both water and energy. With stainless-steel wash arms and polypropylene rinse arms, every corner of the chamber receives thorough cleaning, ensuring impeccable results.

Speedwash Plus SW40+ Commercial Dishwasher Facia
The SW40+ commercial dishwasher filter and salt pot

Cutting Edge Technology

Speedwash Plus commercial dishwashers seamlessly blend power and simplicity. User-friendly 'Soft Touch' controls provide three wash cycle options which cater to various cleaning needs. The self-diagnostic system streamlines maintenance and troubleshooting. The automatic self-cleaning function reduces staff intervention, saving valuable time and effort.

Durable and Efficient Design

Speedwash Plus commercial dishwashers excel in comfort and efficiency. The double-skinned door retains heat and reduces noise to 60 decibels – equivalent to a conversation. With ergonomic design and user-friendly controls, operation is effortless. A safety switch on the door activates when opened, pausing the operation for flexibility and peace of mind.

The upper wash and rinse arms on the Speedwash commercial dishwasher range
SW40+ commercial dishwasher wash tank with dual wash and rinse arms

Uncompromising Efficiency

The shallow wash tank minimizes water consumption while ensuring excellent results. With a double-skinned insulating door and automatic chemical dosage system efficiency is maximized, offering a cost-effective solution. All models include built-in break tanks and drain pumps, with optional integral water softeners for hard water areas.

Ongoing Care and Support

Speedwash Plus commercial dishwashers come with a parts and labour warranty and maintenance packages are available. Staff training is provided which, in our experience, reduces user related breakdown. You will also be supported by a free telephone helpline, free online advice and you can book a same or next day service call with one of our in-house engineers if required.

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