Glass Dry - Glass Dryer for Fast Drying and Cooling of Glasses

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  • Glass-Dry, Glass Dryer facilitates fast drying and cooling of glasses following the glasswashing process.

  • Glass Dryer reduces drying time down from around 40 minutes to approximately 4 minutes.

  • Use of wet, warm glasses will impair the presentation of the glass, and carbonated drinks will appear flat.

  • Glass dryer suitable for glasswasher basket 400mm, 450mm, 500mm sizes.

    Perfect presentation

    Customers judge your beer on its appearance and expect it to be visually pleasing with a clear amber body topped by a perfectly crafted head. The Glass-Dry provides even the busiest bars with the cool, dry glasses necessary to produce the perfect pint time after time.

    Dry, cool glasses in minutes

    Pint glasses can take up to 40 minutes to dry and cool in normal ambient air conditions. The increased air circulation provided by the Glass-Dry reduces the drying time to around 4 minutes, allowing for a far quicker turnaround of glasses.

    User friendly

    Glass-Dry is ready to go as soon as it’s plugged in. Simply spend a few minutes experimenting with your ideal drying time – different glass shapes might require a few minutes more or less than the average 4 minutes – and you’re good to go.


    Glass-Dry means you don’t have to resort to using cloths to dry urgently needed glasses, a practice which can easily cause cross-contamination. Also, being able to rely on a constant stream of glasses means you’ll never have to hold excessive stock gathering grease and dust.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Alastair Orr Ewing
    Glass dryer

    It certainly works but not particularly fast - more like 10 minutes to thoroughly dry. Certainly reduces manual drying times if the glasses have sat for a while on the machine first. Overall a useful but not perfect device

    Amanda Xiberras
    Excellent service

    Easy ordering. Kept me up to date on delivery.

    Michelle Collings
    Great Little Glass Dryer

    This is a great item and saves hours waiting for glasses to dry and cool down. Highly recommend

    kevin higgins
    2 x air glass dryers

    Delivery sorted/ appliances spot on/ easy ordering/satisfied customer. Thanks will certainly use again.

    Fairfield Club Limited
    Very good

    Very good