Commercial Dishwasher & Glasswasher Installation Guide

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The proper installation of your commercial dishwasher and glasswasher is crucial for your kitchen's functionality. Today, we'll walk you through the process of installing these vital pieces of equipment, from preparation to connecting them to your water supply, drain, and electrical systems. Whether you are planning an undercounter dishwasher installation or a passthrough dishwasher installation, we have you covered.

While it is possible to perform a DIY glass washer installation or commercial dishwasher installation, we strongly recommend letting professionals handle the task. This ensures the highest standards of safety and effectiveness.

Why Professional Installation?

Commercial dishwashers and glasswashers require technical knowledge and expertise for safe and correct installation. Although the instructions may seem straightforward, they involve electrical and plumbing work that could pose risks if done improperly.

Remember, the manufacturer won't be held liable for any problems resulting from incorrect installation or lack of a proper earth connection. So, we always suggest enlisting a professional for your commercial dishwasher or glasswasher installation.

Getting Started

Preparing Your Appliance for Installation

Your journey towards a functional commercial kitchen begins by preparing your new dishwasher or glasswasher for installation.

  1. Transport your commercial dishwasher/glasswasher to its designated spot. Be sure to remove all packaging and thoroughly inspect the appliance for any damages. If you discover any issues, report them immediately to the manufacturer.
  2. Ensure all packaging materials, including plastic bags, polystyrene, nails, etc., are out of reach of children and pets, as they pose potential hazards. You can dispose of these materials at a specialist waste disposal centre, as they are environment friendly.

Positioning and Installing Your Commercial Dishwasher or Glasswasher

Installation involves more than just connecting your dishwasher or glasswasher to water and power supplies. It requires careful positioning to ensure safe and efficient operation.

  1. Place your commercial dishwasher/glasswasher at its designated spot, making sure to remove the protective film.
  2. With the help of a spirit level, level your appliance on its four feet. Adjust them as necessary to ensure stability.
  3. If your commercial dishwasher/glasswasher is to be installed above ground level, guarantee that both the stand and the appliance are securely fastened to avoid any hazards.
Commercial Dishwasher Positioning

Connection Procedures

Connecting to the Water Supply

Your commercial dishwasher or glasswasher requires a steady and specific flow of water to function optimally. Here's how to connect it to your water supply:

  1. Verify that the intake water pressure, flow rate, and temperature align with those specified in your machine's technical characteristics.
  2. If the dynamic pressure exceeds the limit stated in the technical specifications, install a pressure reducer. If the pressure is too low, consider installing a booster pump.
  3. Connect the water intake hose to the dishwasher/glasswasher 3/4" connection and then connect the other end of the hose to the water intake supply. 

Making the Drain Connection

Properly connecting the drain ensures efficient operation and prevents possible flooding.

  1. Before you attach the hose, ensure that the diameter and height of the wall drain connection meet your machine's technical specifications.
  2. While connecting the drain hose, be careful to avoid causing any kinks, sharp bends, or crushing.
  3. Considering the potentially high temperature of the drain water, secure the end of the drain hose to the drain connection using the provided hose clamps.
    Commercial dishwasher connection hose

Connecting to the Electricity Supply

Safe and compliant electrical connections are vital for your commercial dishwasher/glasswasher to operate without posing any risk.

  1. Only authorized, skilled staff should connect your dishwasher/glasswasher to the electrical supply, as per relevant regulations.
  2. The power supply must match your dishwasher/glasswasher's rated electrical characteristics, which are displayed on the technical data plate on the machine's side.
  3. If your dishwasher/glasswasher is connected to the electrical mains using a plug, ensure it matches the power socket and is suitable for the appliance’s rated electrical characteristics.

Now you have a better understanding of the commercial dishwasher and glasswasher installation process. Remember, for optimal results, consider hiring a professional to ensure your commercial dishwasher or glasswasher is installed correctly and safely.

Wrapping Up

Choosing to equip your commercial kitchen with a dishwasher and glasswasher is a significant investment towards improving efficiency and productivity. Although the installation process might seem complex, with careful planning and professional help, it becomes more manageable. Remember, whether it's a commercial dishwasher, a glasswasher, or specific types such as an undercounter or passthrough dishwasher, correct installation is essential for long-term performance and safety. While you have the option to handle the installation yourself, we highly recommend using a professional service for best results. This way, you can focus on what you do best—providing excellent food and service, while we take care of ensuring your kitchen appliances are running smoothly and efficiently.

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