Transforming St Anne’s School Catering with Nelson’s Passthrough Dishwasher Solution

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As an approved supplier on The University Caterers Organisation (TUCO) framework, our commitment at Nelson is to deliver unparalleled quality in both products and services. Our focus on professional, innovative solutions for commercial dishwasher installations, combined with our dedication to staff training and post-sales support, ensures every customer enjoys reliability and top-tier results.

Innovating School Kitchens in Wales with Passthrough Dishwashers

With the Universal Primary Free School Meals Scheme in Wales gaining traction, there's an increasing demand for efficient meal services in schools. We're proud to have designed several passthrough dishwasher systems to meet this growing need.

 Case Study: St Anne’s Catholic Primary School, Wrexham

At St Anne’s Catholic Primary School, we faced the challenge of replacing an outdated and unreliable commercial passthrough dishwasher. Our solution:

  • Installation of the Nelson Advantage AD55 Passthrough Dishwasher: Capable of washing 1200 plates per hour, this model is not just efficient but also eco-friendly.
  • Energy and Water Saving Features: The AD55 Passthrough Dishwasher boasts double-skinned insulation to minimize heat loss and a shallow wash tank, ensuring minimal water and energy usage. It only requires 2.9 litres of rinse water per cycle, which is then reused in the following wash cycles. These features achieved 30% greater efficiency in water and energy usage compared to the original machine.

Tailored Installation and Streamlined Design

Our approach was to enhance the dishwashing area without major disruptions:

  • Integration with Existing Layout: We retained the original servery counter while adding an entry dishwasher table complete with a sink and pre-rinse spray.
  • Exit Table with Basket Runners: A specially designed exit table with a bay of basket runners was installed to securely hold clean dishes and pots.

Comprehensive Staff Training and Ongoing Support

Understanding that training and support are crucial, we implemented:

  • Initial Staff Training: Covering usage and day-to-day maintenance of the best passthrough dishwasher system.
  • Ongoing Support: Our team is available to St Anne’s seven days a week for breakdown and planned maintenance support. Additionally, our back-office team is always ready to assist with minor technical issues over the phone or via email.

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