Nelson's Passthrough Dishwasher: A Prime Addition to The Capital Hotel

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Chef Chris Prow’s Knightsbridge Culinary Excellence

Chris Prow, the executive head chef, has elevated The Capital Hotel's dining experience to place it firmly as a leading destination venue in Knightsbridge. With the hotel serving meals virtually all day every day from breakfast through to dinner, alongside afternoon tea, bar snacks and an oyster and caviar menu, an ongoing supply of pristine crockery is essential.

The Indispensable Need for a Reliable Hotel Dishwasher

Upon his induction at The Capital in 2020, Chris inherited a well-used Nelson pass-through dishwasher, fully equipped with bespoke tabling, shelving, and sinks. Three years later, the moment for an upgrade presented itself. In the search for the best hotel commercial dishwasher, various suppliers were evaluated. However, Nelson’s incomparable efficiency and in-depth expertise made them an obvious choice.

The Nelson Advantage AD55: Elevating Commercial Dishwashing

Enter the Nelson Advantage AD55, a commercial dishwasher tailored to meet the high standards of an establishment like The Capital Hotel. This machine isn't just any passthrough dishwasher; it brings together efficiency and state-of-the-art features that are a testament to Nelson's commitment to quality and innovation.

AD55 Passthrough Dishwasher at The Capital Hotel

A standout feature is its Steam Heat Recovery system. This system extracts the steam produced during washing and rinsing and condenses it inside the back of the machine. By converting the steam into hot water, it then utilises this water to fill the boiler. Not only does this process reduce the power required to heat the rinse water by up to 30%, but it also eliminates the sudden burst of steam when the hood is opened post-cycle. Thus, energy savings are achieved, and operational efficiency is enhanced.

Its intuitive design ensures that The Capital’s kitchen operations are not just maintained but elevated, affirming the AD55's place as a premium hotel commercial dishwasher.

Trusting Nelson: More Than Just Machinery

While Chris is effusive in his praise for the machine – "It’s a fabulous machine" – he also acknowledges the depth of Nelson’s commitment to its customers. This dedication isn't limited to providing top-tier equipment. From the first consultation to comprehensive post-installation training, Nelson's ethos prioritises genuine customer connection and understanding.

In Chris Prow's words, “Nelson goes the extra mile.” It’s not just about providing equipment but forging enduring partnerships.

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