The Libertine: A Blend of History, Modern Bar Design, and Glasswashing Excellence

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The Libertine's Historic Transformation

In the heart of London, the historic Royal Exchange, founded in the 16th Century, now hosts an exclusive and atmospheric establishment: The Libertine. This unique drinking and dining venue, crafted by The Incipio Group, showcases vaulted ceilings and brick arches in a remarkable transformation that embraces modernity while preserving historical integrity.

A Modern Back Bar Design

The interior, designed by Studio Found, features a spectacular 14-metre bar that stands as the central vault's focal point. Behind the scenes, Incipio turned to Nelson to design, supply and install the main backbar equipment and fittings, as well as providing similar for a smaller, adjacent bar serving the restaurant. In the main bar, the brief was to create four independent drink preparation stations, each kitted with a sink, ice well, glass storage, bottle bin and both speed and ingredients rails.

Complex Layout and Aesthetics

The complexity of the project came into play with the necessity of fitting out two large arches with vast copper draft beer tanks. This requirement not only impacted the bar's layout but also demanded a symmetrical positioning of multiple bottle coolers and ice makers to accentuate the area's visual appeal.

Glasswashing Efficiency: Best Bar Glass Washer

One of the crucial aspects of the back bar layout was the need for a dedicated glasswashing zone, strategically placed inside the bar's open return. 

Nelson's expertise came to the fore in incorporating two of their top-of-the-range Advantage AD50 Commercial Glass washers. These powerful machines, capable of washing over 4,000 glasses per hour, were an essential feature for The Libertine, which often hosts up to 400 guests.

The two Advantage AD50 Commercial Glasswashers at The Libertine

Client Testimonial

Mellissa Binden, The Incipio Group's Head of Projects and Property, shared her satisfaction with the collaboration: "Incipio has worked closely with Nelson for more than five years, and we could think of no one better than John and his team to take on this project. The team understands our method of operation and requirements, and it was a pleasure to work with them, especially on such a unique project. All our requests were designed and created by the team at Nelson along with our Head of Food and Operations Team."

A Blend of History, Innovation, and Elegance

The successful integration of commercial glass washer for bar areas, along with the innovative back bar layout, created a seamless and efficient operation, helping The Libertine to provide an unforgettable experience. The blend of historical architecture, contemporary design, and state-of-the-art equipment ensures that The Libertine stands as a testament to excellence in the modern era.

With an eye for aesthetics and a dedication to functionality, the partnership between The Incipio Group and Nelson highlights the importance of quality and design in the commercial bar and restaurant industry. From commercial glasswashers to intricate bar layouts, The Libertine's transformation offers a compelling case study of innovation, elegance, and efficiency in the modern hospitality landscape.

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