Nelson Dishwasher Helps Ozwald Copplepot Serve Villainously Good Coffee

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Ozzie Osman, owner of the wackily named Ozwald Copplepot café in Chiswick attributes the considerable popularity and outright success of his business to three non-negotiable criteria.

  1. A super-efficient card payment system

  2. A great coffee machine

  3. A top quality, affordable, high-volume commercial dishwasher.

For the last crucial component, he turned to Nelson. “I heard about Nelson from another successful coffee shop owner and, after some research, I was convinced," says Ozzie. “When we opened a few years ago, dishwashing was done by hand and there was so much crockery generated that it took two people to stay on top of it.”

Recognizing the need for a more efficient solution, Ozzie decided to invest in a Nelson commercial dishwasher, specifically an under-counter Speedwash SW50. This change revolutionised their operations, improving both productivity and service.

"Nelson's service has been remarkable, extending far beyond the initial purchase," Ozzie notes. "While we've faced a few minor mechanical issues over the years, the Nelson team has always been quick to respond, usually resolving the problem the same day. And thanks to Nelson's comprehensive stock of spare parts supply issues are never a problem.“

As the Ozwald Copplepot gained popularity and the accolades for their menu continued to pour in, Ozzie decided to upgrade to our high-end Advantage AD50 Commercial Dishwasher in the spring of 2022. The new dishwasher has more than met their growing needs.

"Nelson delivers hard-working products and they back them up with outstanding service," says Ozzie. "My need for a top-quality, affordable, high-volume commercial dishwasher for my coffee shop is perfectly catered for by Nelson."

In the dynamic world of café business, Ozzie trusts Nelson to deliver consistently, ensuring clean, sparkling crockery for every cup served at Ozwald Copplepot.

Advantage AD50 Dishwasher installed at Ozwald Copplepot
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